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Microsoft Certified Master Giveaway Announced on MOSS Show

Richard Riley, Brett Geoffroy and John Hormaechea of Microsoft were the special guests on the Feb 21st 2011 edition of the Moss Show Podcast. All three play very important roles in the Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint Program. John was a new addition for me, but also had the most interesting piece in my estimation. Around minute 40 of the 45 minute interview show, John announced that there will be a giveaway of a full MCM Certification Cost at both

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Questions for a SharePoint Expert? Join our live chat next Wednesday

Join me on a live chat next Wednesday at 11AM Central. One thing I’ve like about Microsoft for a long time is the amount of tools and advice they give us software developers. I mean, Microsoft creates some pretty great software for just about everyone – Windows and Office are obvious choices there that most everyone I know uses. But for someone who likes to create and configure software like me, Microsoft does more than the other software companies. My

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Best Practices Conference Follow Up August 2010

MCM Keynote – I talked on Business Connectivity Services I returned early to San Antonio from DC, but I really enjoyed the SharePoint Best Practices Conference while I was there. The keynote “What Microsoft Certified Masters think about SharePoint 2010” increased awareness of the MCM program. I received a lot of questions from attendees who are interested in pursuing the certification. There is a nice write up on the keynote by John Anderson on the Bamboo Community Site. Thanks Mom!

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How to find an MCM

Are you looking for insight from a Microsoft Certified Master? Many of us blog, tweet and present regularly and want to be found. Here are some ways to find us: Meet the MCM’s Official, opt-in list of certification awards with Name and Company Master Blog BlogRoll Blog of the MCM/MCA program includes links to 29 blogs by SharePoint Masters My SharePoint MCM Tweeter List I’ve found 15 SharePoint MCM’s on Twitter Here’s an example of a 59 minute SharePoint 2010

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