Monthly archive for April 2011

Try SharePoint 2010 in Microsoft’s Cloud for free

Starting today, anyone can request access to Microsoft’s Office 365 Beta tools in cloud. According to the FAQ, everyone who requests access will get it, but there may be a delay based on the expected amount of requests that will come in. All of the services, which include a watered down version of SharePoint Server 2010, will be available for free during the beta period and then transitioned to a 30 day trial at the release date, anticipated sometime this

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SharePoint is My Blog Platform

My friend Jeff recently wrote about something about SharePoint that needs to change on Google and Bing. Autocomplete shows a negative picture of SharePoint when you type SharePoint followed by the word is and then a space. I hope this post will start a trend of positive posts about what “SharePoint is” for many others like us. Let’s change autocomplete! SharePoint is a tool Jeff evangelizes and one that has been my area of technical specialty for since late 2006

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