New ASP.Net jQuery and SharePoint Blog

Please welcome my friend Patrick O’Gorman to the SharePoint Blog World! He has started blogging at http://knowog.com/myblog 

Patrick works with me at AIS in San Antonio and really knows his ASP.Net stuff. He also likes working with CRM, but I won’t hold that against him.​

His first two technical posts, jQuery Accordion and jQuery Accordion – Part II are great quick starts for anyone new to jQuery or the Google AJAX Feed API. Since you know how I love a good mashup, you won’t be surprised to find I love Patrick’s examples.

Patrick has screenshots in his original posts, but I’ve uploaded live examples on this site of the sample code you can download from his site:

  1. Live example of headlines.html version 1
  2. Live example of the Google AJAX Feed Accordion
    • Download source here.


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