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Are you on

As an organizer of the San Antonio SharePoint User Group, I get the opportunity to meet lots of new members of the SharePoint Community. For vendors new to me, one of the first things I do after visiting their website is check for their listing. To me, that is a measure of SharePoint awareness at the company producing the product. If you make a product for SharePoint, I recommend submitting your product to It won’t make your product

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What is Limited Access? And how do I remove it?

Update 8/6/2014: 2 new links: A warning on removing limited access and another “What is Limited Access” post. Do you ever forget things that you’ve learned before? I do. Case in point, last week I was looking at a page similar to this: begging the question at the top of the post. The above snip of a SharePoint 2010 site gives me almost no clue what that permission level, Limited Access, might mean. In my case, it was a SharePoint

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