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Mapping: Part 2 Show a SharePoint Contacts List on a Map from Google

This is the second part in a two part series on mapping a contacts list from SharePoint on a map from Google. In part one, we created a contacts list, a page and put a map on the page. Part 2 – in SharePoint Designer Add a data view web part Modify the display of the new web part Add a Data View Web Part Select an empty Web Part Zone Select Insert Data View from the Data View menu

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Windows Server 2008 Tip: Add Remote Login privilege to Remote Desktop Users Built in Group

Here’s a tip for Administrators using Windows Server 2008 from my recent experience working with a new SharePoint 2007 VM. The Remote Desktop Users Built in Group in Windows Server 2008 does not have permissions to log in remotely. At least not on the machine I just installed. Here’s the problem and how I fixed it. One of the new features of Windows Server 2008 is the new Server Manager, pictured below. It provides a summary of your computer information,

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CKS:EBE Title in Title Bar

I’ve been working with the Community Kit for SharePoint Enhanced Blog Edition, or CKS:EBE, for two reasons. For one, I want to improve the blog I’m posting to. But also, blogging is a powerful way of publishing on the web and I want to understand all of the options available to our SharePoint customers with this great extension of the blogging functionality built in to SharePoint.     Along those lines, I’ve been making a number of edits to the default

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Question from a friend, “easier image upload for wiki use?”

George asks: Question for you (but feel free not to answer any time soon, if you’re busy) Do you use the wiki functionality in MOSS much?  By default I notice that adding graphical content like images and such is kinda painful because you can’t do uploads to an image library or doc library directly from the wiki WYSIWYG editor.  From your experience, is that something that’s true across the board (or are we just unlucky within XXX company at the

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Mapping Links and Technorati Claim

A couple of Mapping Links: Display Google Maps in a Sharepoint Web Part using a Sharepoint List (codeplex – Mike Birty) Found this one on Mike Walsh’s, SharePoint MVP, WSSv3Faq.com which is a great site itself SharePoint Virtual Earth Web Part without deploying any server code Ian Morrish another SharePoint MVP dropped a comment about some of his demo’s yesterday. When I checked his blog, I found this excellent mapping walkthrough. Also, I’m making my Technorati claim on this post. You can view my

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Mapping: Part 1 Show a SharePoint Contacts List on a Map from Google

Summary Demonstration of a SharePoint Contacts List displayed on a Google Map. Key Points The Contacts List Template in SharePoint provides fields for addresses Google Maps provides a mapping service SharePoint integrates easily with web services Overview Part 1 Create a new contacts list Create a new Page Add a Google Map to the page Part 2 Add a Data View of the contacts list to the page Modify the Data View to show the contact’s locations on the map Demonstration

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Mapping: About your latitude and longitude

It’s been a long time since grammar school for me. And I’ve forgotten a lot. For one thing, I recently discovered couldn’t find things on a map by latitude and longitude. I’ve been working with Google Maps a lot in the last year. When you visualize location information you really need the latitude and longitude of a person or thing. Here’s one way to keep them straight. When you think Longitude think about the "long" part of the word. It

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Is your SharePoint guarded by Kerberos?

You may recognize the three headed dog pictured above as the guard dog of Hades from Ancient Greek Mythology. The dog’s name is Kerberos in Greek. A different kind of kerberos may be guarding your computer. Some facts about Kerberos from other web sites: "Windows 2000 and later use Kerberos as their default authentication method." (kerberos in wikipedia)  "Kerberos is currently the most secure authentication mechanism supported by AD."(1 of 10 Facts About Kerberos from Office and SharePoint Pro) The Two Hop Problem What

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Tracking Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna

As part of my work as a SharePoint Consultant, it’s often necessary to understand what the business of my client in order to provide the best technology solution for their orginization. At my latest DoD client, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a little about military support during a national disaster. Decision making during a crisis involves digesting a large amount of information quickly. This is one place web collaboration in particular and SharePoint spefically can help.   The potential disaster on eveyone’s mind today is the chance of

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Olympics and SQL 08 on 08 08 08!

Today is the 8th day of the 8th month of the 8th year of the 2000’s. You may be aware China scheduled the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics for 8 minutes and 8 seconds past 8 o’clock today becuase of the luck associated with the number in their culture. At any rate, Microsoft and Search Server are providing some assistance to the Olympics through their INFO 08 platform that allows searching athlete bios.   If Microsoft had better relationships in China, they might have delayed

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