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SharePoint is My Blog Platform

My friend Jeff recently wrote about something about SharePoint that needs to change on Google and Bing. Autocomplete shows a negative picture of SharePoint when you type SharePoint followed by the word is and then a space. I hope this post will start a trend of positive posts about what “SharePoint is” for many others like us. Let’s change autocomplete! SharePoint is a tool Jeff evangelizes and one that has been my area of technical specialty for since late 2006

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Don’t Miss SharePoint Saturday San Antonio April 2nd

SharePoint Saturday is coming to San Antonio for the second time this Saturday, April 2nd. We’ve already gotten 150 RSVPs and why not? We’ve had a tremendous response from sponsors and speakers. I’ve put some highlights in the slides below and a map to the event below that. Personally, I don’t know what I’m more excited about: The keynote and breakout session from MSDN Regional Director Vishwas Lele covering the future of SharePoint integration with the cloud services from Microsoft.

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Test-spcontentdb plus get-spfeature plus Excel for upgrading help

If you’ve run the new PowerShell command test-SPContentDB as part of upgrade testing from SharePoint 2007 to 2010, you’ve probably seen something like this: Category : MissingFeature Error : True UpgradeBlocking : False Message : Database [_WSS_Content] has reference(s) to a missing fea ture: Id = [43cf51d0-d93e-46d7-9d67-07549c1f89e6]. Remedy : The feature with Id 43cf51d0-d93e-46d7-9d67-07549c1f89e6 is r eferenced in the database [_WSS_Content], but is not inst alled on the current farm. The missing feature may cause upgr ade to fail. Please

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SharePoint Overflow 2.0 needs 70 more commitments

To date, more than 2700 questions about SharePoint have been answered on SharePointOverflow.com. But the site may not last. The host, StackExchange has given an get up or get out order. In order to keep SharePointOverflow alive, the site must convert to StackExchange 2.0. In order to convert, the community needs around 70 more volunteers to register at Area51.StackExchange.com and commit to the SharePoint Overflow proposal Update 3/10/2011: Don’t forget to build up your reputation on StackOverflow.com, ServerFault.com, SuperUser.com or

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Do you have SharePoint PowerShell to SharePoint API translations in your tool belt?

An Old SharePoint API Confusion If you hadn’t seen it before and someone told you there was .Net SharePoint Framework object called SPSite what would you think it was for? It’s commonly used object in SharePoint C# code, and you might think it would represent a SharePoint Site. But it’s not quite that. An SPSite is really a collection of sites. In end user and administration documentation, a collection of sites is commonly referred to as a Site Collection. It’s

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Microsoft Certified Master Giveaway Announced on MOSS Show

Richard Riley, Brett Geoffroy and John Hormaechea of Microsoft were the special guests on the Feb 21st 2011 edition of the Moss Show Podcast. All three play very important roles in the Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint Program. John was a new addition for me, but also had the most interesting piece in my estimation. Around minute 40 of the 45 minute interview show, John announced that there will be a giveaway of a full MCM Certification Cost at both

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TechEd 2011 Presentation Ideas

TechEd 2011 USA is coming up in May in Atlanta. I went to last year’s conference as a Learning Ambassador for SharePoint in Microsoft’s Technical Learning Pavilion. It was probably my favorite conference experience so far. Not only did I learn a lot and pass a certification test, I met a lot of great people who also happen to be technical experts. This year, I’ve noticed that the organizers are taking session preferences in to mind on the TechEd 2011

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SharePoint 2010 Adoption Survey Update

In August of 2009, I conducted a survey of my blog readers and twitter followers on their plans to deploy SharePoint 2010. Little was publicly known about the product details at that point, but we did know their were some deployment limitations and tools released to help prepare for upgrade, so I concentrated on that. Joel Oleson did some preliminary analysis of my survey, a survey of his and some other surveys. I’ve posted the full results as three images

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Site Collection Web Analytics Reports Missing?

Working on a SharePoint Server 2010 Upgrade, I came across an issue I couldn’t find any help for. My Usage and Web Analytics service applications were clearly configured and running per the instructions on TechNet and Bill Baer’s Step-by-Step. I could view the reports in Central Administration. However the link Site Collection Web Analytics Reports was no where to be found in my Site Settings on my upgrade site collections. This was the case in three farms I had configured,

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Code Construction versus Software Development

Reading a great book this morning, I stumbled upon the concept of code construction as a distinct activity in a software development project. If you’re involved in a lot of development projects like me, you probably spend some time during your projects thinking of ways to describe what you’re doing. Having a great vocabulary on your specific trade can go a long way to making communication clearer and easier. Steve McConnell describes code construction this way in the book I

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