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SharePoint Development Path from 2007 to 2010

Update 6/2: Jeff Deverter posted a 13 minute interview with me on SharePoint Development recorded before the presentation. Update 7/3: In the video above, Jeff asked when to look for the new updates to the SDK and Friday the SharePoint Product Team announced the 2nd big update since initially publishing the Developer Guidance last July. In the same announcements was a link to the new SharePoint 2010 Development Video Center containing two videos from fellow MCM Vesa Juvonen who is also an MCM Instructor.

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Code Construction versus Software Development

Reading a great book this morning, I stumbled upon the concept of code construction as a distinct activity in a software development project. If you’re involved in a lot of development projects like me, you probably spend some time during your projects thinking of ways to describe what you’re doing. Having a great vocabulary on your specific trade can go a long way to making communication clearer and easier. Steve McConnell describes code construction this way in the book I

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Best Practices Conference Follow Up August 2010

MCM Keynote – I talked on Business Connectivity Services I returned early to San Antonio from DC, but I really enjoyed the SharePoint Best Practices Conference while I was there. The keynote “What Microsoft Certified Masters think about SharePoint 2010” increased awareness of the MCM program. I received a lot of questions from attendees who are interested in pursuing the certification. There is a nice write up on the keynote by John Anderson on the Bamboo Community Site. Thanks Mom!

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Create a SharePoint Custom Action Feature with VSeWSS

Reposted at new location. Orginally published 20-Oct-09 If you are a SharePoint Developer and are not using Visual Studio 2008 Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services yet, please read Paul Andrew detail how VSeWSS 1.3 March 2009 CTP addresses all common SharePoint Developer requests. When you are using the extensions, the first thing you might try to do after watching Kirk’s video is use the MOSS SDK Empty SharePoint template to create a very basic feature whose Element Manifest might look

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