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Code Sample Reviews–App Model Workflow

Update: The first sample was pulled. It no longer works. Have you checked out the SharePoint 2013 workflow samples from MSDN? I sometimes hesitate to download these because you never know the quality. Some of them don’t even compile without changes. Recently, I found a pair of examples from the Apps for Office and SharePoint Samples that do work with the RTM SharePoint 2013 and latest developer tools, one I had to tweak. SharePoint 2013 workflow: Workflow-powered app for SharePoint

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SharePoint Dev Tools Preview 2 Changes

A funny thing happened on Day 1 of SharePoint Conference. Scott Guthrie did not announce the Microsoft Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012 – Preview 2, despite the Apps for Office and SharePoint Blog post that went live just after the keynote. I could have missed it, but you’re free to stream the whole 2 hours for yourself and tell me the minute mark. Or, you can stream just the 23 minutes Scott Guthrie was talking. While we’re on

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Find Rackspace and me at SharePoint Conference

Did you know that SharePoint 911 is now part of Rackspace SharePoint Services? When you’re looking for the experts from SharePoint911, you’ll probably see them with Rackspace shirts on and often at the Rackspace booth. Also, they’re very active presenting, signing books and working with the community. The Rackspace booth is number #704 and it’s in the 6th row of exhibitors when you head forward with your back to the main entrance of the Exhibit Hall. As part of the

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SharePoint Session Picking Advice

Going to the Microsoft SharePoint Conference November 12-15, 2012 in Las Vegas? There are so many sessions, how do you choose? I got an email from a friend with the following question and so I thought I’d publish my response, because I’d probably give it to you too if you asked. Question Hey Tom, I will be going to the conference in Las Vegas and could appreciate your suggestions for the best events/sessions to attend. First time there so any

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SharePoint 2013 Webinar Playback, Web Architectural Changes

Table-less HTML, friendly URLs and host named site collections are the major topics of my presentation in Rackspace’s 1st Week of SharePoint 2013 Webinars. Download This Webinar Recording (86MB .wmv) and replay the 35 minutes of demonstration and explanation of 3 areas of SharePoint 2013 web developers will be interested in: Watch a comparison of SharePoint 2010 HTML Markup to SharePoint 2013 HTML Markup pointing out some areas of improvement with the Internet Explorer F12 Developer Tools. Watch me demonstrate

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