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URL Rewrite + SharePoint = No Support

Example Using ISA, IAG, TMG, custom code or the URL Rewrite Module to modify the path of your SharePoint 2007 URL’s? Word on the street, read twitter and from other new friends, is that you are running an unsupported SharePoint Deployment. You may be asked to remove the rewrite before Microsoft Product Support will help you. This is for 2007, the answer on 2010 may not be definite yet, but I would recommend thinking twice before implementing there, as well.

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SharePoint Services Reference

Troubleshooting SharePoint requires understanding the 8 Windows Services the platform depends on. Use this table to help identify services while researching issues. Also, pay attention to the account the service uses to run.   Security All of the services run with the permissions of the Local System with the following exceptions: SPTimerV3 runs as the account you designate in the SharePoint Configuration Wizard as the Farm Account OSearch runs as the service you configure for it in Central Admin SPTimerV3,

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Mapping: Part 2 Show a SharePoint Contacts List on a Map from Google

This is the second part in a two part series on mapping a contacts list from SharePoint on a map from Google. In part one, we created a contacts list, a page and put a map on the page. Part 2 – in SharePoint Designer Add a data view web part Modify the display of the new web part Add a Data View Web Part Select an empty Web Part Zone Select Insert Data View from the Data View menu

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Mapping: Part 1 Show a SharePoint Contacts List on a Map from Google

Summary Demonstration of a SharePoint Contacts List displayed on a Google Map. Key Points The Contacts List Template in SharePoint provides fields for addresses Google Maps provides a mapping service SharePoint integrates easily with web services Overview Part 1 Create a new contacts list Create a new Page Add a Google Map to the page Part 2 Add a Data View of the contacts list to the page Modify the Data View to show the contact’s locations on the map Demonstration

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