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A SharePoint 2010 Install Experience

My friend and Co-worker, Rich Olivieri shares his experience with the new beta of SharePoint 2010 below. -Tom   ———————————————————–   My Approach to SharePoint 2010 beta Development Rich Olivieri, rolivieri@microlinkllc.com This weekend, I finally got a chance to go to the mattresses and build out my SharePoint 2010 development environment. I have come away victorious, but it was a bloody fight. My approach was to create a throw away environment which would last until the initial release of SharePoint

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Create a SharePoint Custom Action Feature with VSeWSS

If you are a SharePoint Developer and are not using Visual Studio 2008 Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services yet, please read Paul Andrew detail how VSeWSS 1.3 March 2009 CTP addresses all common SharePoint Developer requests. When you are using the extensions, the first thing you might try to do after watching Kirk’s video is use the MOSS SDK Empty SharePoint template to create a very basic feature whose Element Manifest might look like this:     Download ElementManifest1.xml Warning:

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What goes in the the type element of a .webpart file?

Creating a .webpart file Creating a Web Part for SharePoint is basically the same as creating a generic ASP.Net web part. One of the keys in ASP.Net webpart development is creating a webpart definition file with the extension .webpart. In SharePoint, an easy way to create the base of your .webpart file is to add your webpart to the Web Part Gallery of any Site Collection and then export the .webpart XSL that SharePoint Generates for you. Understanding the <Type

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SharePoint Unit Testing Guidance and Typemock

Back in August, 21apps blog featured an article highlighting the Microsoft Patterns & Practices Guidance on SharePoint. It’s an excellent resource. One of the first things on their list is Unit Testing. Andrew also highlights their video on unit testing with a third party product called Typemock Isolator, read more below. Since that time, a number of other developments have occurred. The SharePoint TypeMock Wrapper on Codeplex had a September 21 – 2008 release Isolator for SharePoint was announced November

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Custom Field Type Webcast from San Antonio SharePoint User Group

Travis Lingenfelder gave a presentation today by Live Meeting for the San Antonio SharePoint User Group in the place of a December meeting at a physical location. He explained and demoed the Regular Expression Validator example from Todd Bleeker’s SharePoint Development Book. I noticed Travis was recording, so hopefully we can make it available to those who could not attend. Figure 1: IP Address example from the webcast For more information on Custom Field Types in SharePoint, follow the links

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Two Topics: SharePoint Hands On Labs and SharePointReview.com

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the recently updated Windows SharePoint Services Hands on Labs, you might be interested in their recent integration with Visual Studio 2008. Not only is it integrated with the new version of VS, it integrates with the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Tools: Visual Studio 2008 Extensions. Very cool and a great introduction to what is new in both updates! Take advantage of the Virtual Labs, Mike Walsh has the best list. If

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