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SASUG- SharePoint High Availability with Database Mirroring

The San Antonio SharePoint User’s Group just announced the October 28th presentation on SharePoint High Availability with Database Mirroring. My friend and collegue, Rich Olivieri, will be presenting based on recent work we’ve done for a client. Microsoft’s Plan for Redundancy has all the pretty pictures showing database clusters or mirrors. But how easy is this to set up if you’re not a DBA? Turns out, it’s not too hard to switch over when you use the Alias approach. Rich

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SharePoint 2007 Upgrade with a Domain Migration

How to map SharePoint users from one domain to another, complete with file history and ownership The Scenario A business unit of a larger company has hired my team for a SharePoint Migration Project. We’ve done a lot of upgrades from the 2003 technologies to the 2007 products, but this one has a twist. The group’s SharePoint Portal Server 2003 environment exists in a legacy Active Directory Forest. The new Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 environment will be on a

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Windows Server 2008 Tip: Add Remote Login privilege to Remote Desktop Users Built in Group

Here’s a tip for Administrators using Windows Server 2008 from my recent experience working with a new SharePoint 2007 VM. The Remote Desktop Users Built in Group in Windows Server 2008 does not have permissions to log in remotely. At least not on the machine I just installed. Here’s the problem and how I fixed it. One of the new features of Windows Server 2008 is the new Server Manager, pictured below. It provides a summary of your computer information,

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Is your SharePoint guarded by Kerberos?

You may recognize the three headed dog pictured above as the guard dog of Hades from Ancient Greek Mythology. The dog’s name is Kerberos in Greek. A different kind of kerberos may be guarding your computer. Some facts about Kerberos from other web sites: "Windows 2000 and later use Kerberos as their default authentication method." (kerberos in wikipedia)  "Kerberos is currently the most secure authentication mechanism supported by AD."(1 of 10 Facts About Kerberos from Office and SharePoint Pro) The Two Hop Problem What

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