Monthly archive for January 2011

TechEd 2011 Presentation Ideas

TechEd 2011 USA is coming up in May in Atlanta. I went to last year’s conference as a Learning Ambassador for SharePoint in Microsoft’s Technical Learning Pavilion. It was probably my favorite conference experience so far. Not only did I learn a lot and pass a certification test, I met a lot of great people who also happen to be technical experts. This year, I’ve noticed that the organizers are taking session preferences in to mind on the TechEd 2011

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SharePoint 2010 Adoption Survey Update

In August of 2009, I conducted a survey of my blog readers and twitter followers on their plans to deploy SharePoint 2010. Little was publicly known about the product details at that point, but we did know their were some deployment limitations and tools released to help prepare for upgrade, so I concentrated on that. Joel Oleson did some preliminary analysis of my survey, a survey of his and some other surveys. I’ve posted the full results as three images

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Site Collection Web Analytics Reports Missing?

Working on a SharePoint Server 2010 Upgrade, I came across an issue I couldn’t find any help for. My Usage and Web Analytics service applications were clearly configured and running per the instructions on TechNet and Bill Baer’s Step-by-Step. I could view the reports in Central Administration. However the link Site Collection Web Analytics Reports was no where to be found in my Site Settings on my upgrade site collections. This was the case in three farms I had configured,

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Code Construction versus Software Development

Reading a great book this morning, I stumbled upon the concept of code construction as a distinct activity in a software development project. If you’re involved in a lot of development projects like me, you probably spend some time during your projects thinking of ways to describe what you’re doing. Having a great vocabulary on your specific trade can go a long way to making communication clearer and easier. Steve McConnell describes code construction this way in the book I

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