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New ASP.Net jQuery and SharePoint Blog

Please welcome my friend Patrick O’Gorman to the SharePoint Blog World! He has started blogging at http://knowog.com/myblog  Patrick works with me at AIS in San Antonio and really knows his ASP.Net stuff. He also likes working with CRM, but I won’t hold that against him.​ His first two technical posts, jQuery Accordion and jQuery Accordion – Part II are great quick starts for anyone new to jQuery or the Google AJAX Feed API. Since you know how I love a

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Questions for a SharePoint Expert? Join our live chat next Wednesday

Join me on a live chat next Wednesday at 11AM Central. One thing I’ve like about Microsoft for a long time is the amount of tools and advice they give us software developers. I mean, Microsoft creates some pretty great software for just about everyone – Windows and Office are obvious choices there that most everyone I know uses. But for someone who likes to create and configure software like me, Microsoft does more than the other software companies. My

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Recommended Reading: Free, Downloadable SharePoint Books from TechNet

Did you know that Microsoft TechNet has very comprehensive books on planning, architecting and deploying SharePoint? I can not recommend reading these books strongly enough if you plan on working on the back end of a SharePoint installation, even on a development environment. For 2007, I recommend starting with “Getting started with Office SharePoint 2007”, then “Planning and architecture for Office SharePoint Server Part 1” and Part 2, then “Deployment for Office SharePoint Server 2007.” I’ve read those 4 2007

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InfoPath 2010 New Form from SharePoint List Template requires InfoPath Forms Services

Have you wondered about InfoPath 2010 compatability with SharePoint 2010 Foundation? I was Reading Comparing SharePoint List and Form Library Forms and decided to try out the SharePoint List Template for new InfoPath forms. When I attempted to publish it to http://tomresing.com, a SharePoint Foundation 2010 site, I received the above error. InfoPath Forms Services is a feature of SharePoint Server 2010 with Enterprise Client Access Licenses. You can see the fullEditions Comparison on SharePoint.microsoft.com Screen clipping taken: 10/8/2010 11:24 AM      

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