Monthly archive for April 2010

SharePoint 2010 RTM Install Notes

Now that SharePoint 2010 has been released, who isn’t excited to get their hands dirty trying it out? Follow Joel Oleson’s download links to try it out like I did. After grabbing the bits from MSDN a little over 2 days ago, I have a fully functional 2010 RTM Farm to explore today! Central Admin Configuration Wizards? For me, the fun started with the Initial Farm Configuration Wizard. Sharepointdevwiki.com has screenshots of every step from the beta and not much

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Weather WebService in Powershell

Did you know how easy it is to test a web service in Powershell? I think I can get used to this new tool. Proof of concept Here’s my script for checking the weather in powershell: $uri = "http://www.webservicex.net/WeatherForecast.asmx?WSDL" $WeatherForecast = New-WebServiceProxy -uri $uri -UseDefaultCredential -namespace "WeatherForecast" $WeatherForecast.GetWeatherByZipCode(78247) $WeatherForecast.GetWeatherByZipCode(78247).details This publicly available web service returns the lat, lon of a zip! Sweet. I can find other uses for that. The details object returns the forecast for today and the next

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URL Rewrite + SharePoint = No Support

Example Using ISA, IAG, TMG, custom code or the URL Rewrite Module to modify the path of your SharePoint 2007 URL’s? Word on the street, read twitter and from other new friends, is that you are running an unsupported SharePoint Deployment. You may be asked to remove the rewrite before Microsoft Product Support will help you. This is for 2007, the answer on 2010 may not be definite yet, but I would recommend thinking twice before implementing there, as well.

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Positive Power in SharePoint

Can positive thinking influence your next SharePoint project? Do you think in I CAN or I CAN’T when you approach projects with SharePoint? This subtle change in your thought process can help produce successful collaboration projects. I’ve experienced this directly. When a representative of a client told me recently that the collaboration site he was working on depended on a custom code workaround, I asked why he felt that way. The answer: “Because SharePoint CAN’T DO THAT.” Ultimately, approaching a

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