Monthly archive for June 2009

58 New SharePoint Blog Readers in 2 Days

Thanks to all my new readers. I was surprised to see my Feedburner Chicklet showing 135 readers today and I wondered what caused the huge jump. You’ll have to tell me if I’m correct, but my sleuthing showed an interesting coincidence. Did you subscribe because I removed all those Links from my feed? It was a feature called Feed Splicing from Feedburner. Feed Splicing On June 16th, I turned off Feed Splicing of my Delicious Bookmarks. If you liked the

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Real World SharePoint Mapping Results

I asked Jamey Baxter, guest poster for Save the Manatees how the SharePoint Mapping combination was received. Jamey sent the following user quotes and notes: “Remember, this is the first project and first division of the agency we rolled this out for. The google maps feature will eventually assist many different departments.” To put the quotes in context, please review my Summary of the Mapping Series. Permit Applications Quote The sharepoint pinboard you developed for us is useful for several

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Google Maps and Virtual Earth, now Bing, Maps Series Summary

Recently, I’ve gotten some feedback from the Florida Wildlife SharePoint folks. I’ll show you their response in an upcoming post, but first, I thought it might be helpful to recap the Mapping with SharePoint series from Tom Resing’s SharePoint Blog: In Mapping Part 1, we added a Google Map to a SharePoint Page without leaving the browser. We set up the contacts list for Part 2 was setup. In Mapping Part 2, we used SharePoint Designer and a Data View

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p&p SharePoint Development Guidance v2 Drop 10

The Patterns an Practices Group at Microsoft has been producing a series of videos about their SharePoint Development Guidance. What’s in Drop 10 caught my attention when they mentioned that Drop 10, a recent release, provides additional ability to VSeWSS for GAC based assemblies.   After an overview, they dive right into a new configuration store they’ve delivered. I’ve included some minute markers below if you want to skip ahead in this 30 minute video. Minute Markers 9:19 Service Locator

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