Monthly archive for May 2009

iPod User Perspective on This Week in SharePoint Joel

Joel and Mark Miller may live on to be THE name in SharePoint Podcasts! I love the combination. These two characters complement each other very well. I felt like I was sitting right next to the two of them. In some ways it reminded me of the dinner after SharePoint Saturday Boston. I listened to the first week’s broadcast on my iPod, but I did have to jump through a couple hoops. I downloaded the .mp4, added it to iTunes,

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SharePoint Virtualization Resources from the Experts

I had a Twitter conversation with John Ferringer that unearthed some great SharePoint Virtualization Resources from some top SharePoint Experts. Here’s the thread that kicked it all off:  resing says: @ferringer So, what are the I/O concerns for Database VM’s ferringer says: @resing Its resource contention. You’ve got both the OS & the DB trying to hit SAN for I/O, w/ VMs you take a 50% I/O hit right off the bat ferringer says: @resing I like this write up

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SharePoint 2010 at Tech Ed

Tech Ed 2009 was kind of disappointing from the SharePoint 2010 front. Ahead of time Tom Rizzo told us his SharePoint Overview and Roadmap would only include sparse 2010 details. The biggest surprise came when Lars Fastrup mentioned a session where he saw SharePoint 2010 in a few parts of their demo.   If you haven’t yet, read How to get a copy of Office 2010 technical preview. I signed up on the wait list which doesn’t include SharePoint pieces.

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My Brother Chief Scientist on a Jason Expedition

Not SharePoint related, my brother Joe has a new blog about a research trip he’s taking. Joe is the Chief Scientist for the NE Lau Basin exploration with the Jason robots! We will explore the sites of these two eruptions from May 5th to May 13th, aboard the University of Washington’s Research Vessel T.G. Thompson. We will be using the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Jason 2 and the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) D. Allan B. The Jason 2 will collect

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SharePoint Release Management Ruwan Fernando

Ruwan is talking on the #1 Most Requested Topic for SharePoint Saturday, Release Management. As a developer, he loves to code all day and code all night, but considers the topic closer to the typical Administrator Role. Focus on keeping the Live environment stable and consistent with all “experimentation” on another server farm.   Also, here’s a picture of Chad Schroeder presenting on Building an ECB-initiated Collaboration Feature. Chad’s talk was based on a real world solution for a SharePoint

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John Stover – JQuery Maps In SharePoint Designer

John’s got a huge audience in this 10AM session. I count about 60. Full House!   The audience interaction is great too. Demonstrating the Data View Web Part, John covered a lot of introductory basics in SharePoint Designer. For example, he explained how you can set the default new form of a List through right clicking the list in the SharePoint Designer left sidebar. He showed a map of TheSUG.org users using the jquery jMaps wrapper of Google Maps. After

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