Monthly archive for December 2008

Followup to SharePoint Contacts List on a Map from Google

In the Mapping Part 2 Comments, I received two questions I’ve been meaning to get back to. Can you do this if your list has latitude and longitude? How do you add the name to the popup? Latitude and Longitude The first step in modifying my example for latitude and longitude is adding the fields. First I go to List Settings: Then I create the latitude column: Repeat for Longitude. After creating a Collection on maps.live.com with my contact cities,

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Windows SharePoint Services 4.0 named and breaking changes

In the first vNext news since my SharePoint 2010 post, Microsoft has identified Windows SharePoint Service 4.0 by name in a CustomListView knowledge base article. In addition, the Pre-Upgrade Checker that links to the Knowledge Base Article naming the new version identifies a number of breaking changes. Breaking Changes Avoid Custom List Views Gary Lapointe’s analysis suggests avoiding custom list views in Features as they may break. Custom Field Type Warning Also from Mr. Lapointe, "if you are creating custom

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Number 69 on Joel Oleson’s Twitter List

I’m number 69 on the Top 100 SharePoint Twitters! It’s ironic because my feedburner stats show most of my SharePoint Blog traffic coming from twitter. Really, twitter has been the best way to get the word out about my SharePoint content and I’m a happy user. I also enjoy following my younger brother and some friends and automatically updating my Facebook status through Twitter. So overall, I’d be happy even if I didn’t make the list. My overall twInfluence may

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Custom Field Type Webcast from San Antonio SharePoint User Group

Travis Lingenfelder gave a presentation today by Live Meeting for the San Antonio SharePoint User Group in the place of a December meeting at a physical location. He explained and demoed the Regular Expression Validator example from Todd Bleeker’s SharePoint Development Book. I noticed Travis was recording, so hopefully we can make it available to those who could not attend. Figure 1: IP Address example from the webcast For more information on Custom Field Types in SharePoint, follow the links

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